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The Bottomless Thermos

Far off to the West of the Cloudcrystal Skyfields, maybe a hundred miles West of Deep Vormask lies a deep bay. In fact, the bay is a flooded crater, across which stretches an immense synthetic and metal arm. In an ancient forgotten time, it erupted from the ocean and smashed to the earth – devastating the then bustling harbor city.

The arm itself is maybe a mile in diameter. The settlement of ninth worlders has regrown to mine the arm for cyphers and precious metals. The mines in the arms also delve down deep. The outermost arm is flooded, but there are some passages free of sea-water that lead down, deep into the sea – and the metallic, strange structures of the arm shows no sign of ending.

You’ve come on behest of the Order of Truth to resolve a situation at the arm. You are to meet with the local Aeon Priests for more information. You’ve just been dropped off on a beach in front of the ancient harbor city.

’That’ll be the Cascades, up ahead. That’s what they call the old city ruins that surround the Arm-Fall.’

Main Page

Armfell in Steadfast abilledeaux